RealHealth Innovations, LLC. a Tampa Bay, Florida based company

By using RealHealth Innovations, employers who self insure their medical plans benefit from a proactive approach to health creation delivered by a team of some of the best clinicians from top medical schools including Harvard, Yale and MIT.

As a health creation company, RealHealth Innovations helps companies control claims costs by creating individual care plans that promote good health by treating, or avoiding, some of the most serious and costly diseases facing our society.  We recognize that good health and illness are just different states on the same continuum.  An individual’s state of health, or illness, is dynamic, making movement toward optimal health possible - no matter the current state. Our customized care programs help individuals, across all levels of health, move “up the health continuum” to a state of improved or optimal health.    

By utilizing our risk stratification tools, proprietary predictive diagnostics, and metrics, RealHealth Innovations creates actionable treatment plans to improve the health of your overall population - resulting in significant healthcare cost savings and improved productivity for your organization.  In fact, our calculations project most participating organizations will realize a 5% reduction in annual healthcare costs by working with the RealHealth Innovations team.