Dr. Thomas J. Lewis, PhD
Chief Executive Officer - RealHealth Innovations

Thomas J. Lewis, PhD is an Inorganic and Physical Chemist with degrees from (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology and (WPI) Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is the founder of the RealHealth companies including RealHealth Innovations. He based these businesses on the work of Dr. Clement L. Trempe and Dr. Kilmer McCully. These clinicians are pioneers in systemic chronic diseases, disease detection using ocular biomarkers, germ theory, inflammatory diseases, and micronutrient balance in immune health.  
In addition to obtaining a Ph.D., Dr. Lewis’ has training from the Harvard School of Public Health in Toxicology, Industrial Hygiene, and a certificate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts in Industrial Hygiene.  He is a frequent presenter at scientific and medical conferences, and has published scientific papers. Dr. Lewis holds patents (pending) on novel approaches to treating cancer and methods and approaches for treating chronic diseases of aging including Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration. In addition he has patents pending on a new risk calculator for chronic disease which he has trademarked "chronic disease temperature(tm)."
Dr. Lewis along with Dr. Trempe publish a 'substantial" book on Alzheimer's disease titled, “The End of Alzheimer’s Disease A Differential Diagnosis Toward a Cure.” Elsevier Publishing has just released the 2nd edition. In addition, Trempe and Lewis have published a follow-on book titled, "Quarterback Your Own Health - How to Take and Lower Your Chronic Disease Temperature.
Memberships: ACS—American Chemical Society; A4M—American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; Tau Beta Pi—National Engineering and Science Honor Society.

Dr. Clement L. Trempe, MD
Chief Medical Advisor - RealHealth Innovations

Dr. Trempe has had a storied career as a clinical professor at Harvard Medical School. He was “on staff” at Mass General Hospital, Mass Eye & Ear and Beth Israel Deaconess for a total of 41 years. 

Dr. Trempe is an ophthalmologist who uniquely trained under Harvard Medical School internal medicine doctors for a decade. This gave him a unique view of health and disease. The eye is a window to health and he was able to relate early changes in eye tissue (pathology) to the development and proliferation of disease. He was able to consistently reverse the most severe chronic diseases using a methodical clinical process of diagnoses, treatment, and assessment. In a process of continuous improvement, he used past clinical outcomes to drive better outcomes for his next patients. He continued this process for his 40+ year career. 

Dr. Trempe received his MD degree from Ottawa Medical School, Canada. He furthered his studies at Harvard’s Schepens Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston. He is the author of hundreds of medical scientific papers, a granted patent, numerous abstracts, and presentations and invitations to conferences across the globe.

Dr. Michael Carter, MD
Corporate Medical Director - RealHealth Innovations

Dr. Carter is a Board Certified Physician with 26 years’ experience as an anesthesiologist, Anti-Aging doctor, Cosmetic surgeon, and Functional and Integrative medicine practitioner licensed in multiple states. Dr. Carter has primary practice in Georgia as well as serving as medical director of other facilities. Dr. Carter also offers concierge level coaching and care to patients domestically and internationally via telemedicine virtual consultation sessions. Dr. Carter seeks to find the Root cause of what is interfering with the body’s ability to stave off disease syndromes and he provides the combination of natural supplements, effective diet and eating strategies as well as effective exercise regimens that enhance the ability of his patients to detoxify, rejuvenate and regenerate for optimal health. 

James M. Vaughn
Chief Information Officer - RealHealth Innovations

Mr. Vaughn has over 32 years of experience in the IT Industry, specifically in executive management, marketing, product design, product development and system architecture. Prior to co-founding RealHealth Innovations, Mr. Vaughn was Founder & CEO of V-SEPT, Inc. which focused on Customer Relationship Management and Customer Loyalty. He successful grew V-SEPT, Inc. into a multi-national, multi-million dollar organization and sold to a fortune 500 company. Prior to starting his own company, Mr. Vaughn was an executive at Cisco Systems managing a Billion Dollar division, he also held positions as a senior manager at 3Com Corporation and a systems engineer at GTE.

Mr. Vaughn Studied computer science and digital electronics at the University of Wisconsin and holds numerous industry certifications, including CCIE 1934.

As the Chief Information Officer Mr. Vaughn manages all Information Technology, Software Development and Technical Architecture for RealHealth Innovations systems and platforms.

Brian Lemay, MS-HCA
Chief Operating Officer - RealHealth Innovations

Mr. Lemay has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare administration field including the opening of over 32 health centers in the past 10 years for Florida based self-insured employer groups. Prior to opening health centers, he was a healthcare consultant for companies stateside and for projects overseas: Moscow, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and China.  He holds a BS and MS in Health Care Administration from Almeda University, Certifications from the Orlando School of Medicine and is a member of the American Association of Telemedicine.

In addition to his COO role with RealHealth, Mr. Lemay brings his expertise in Patient Flow/Health Center Operations for Real Health Centers/Company Implementation of Goals and Objectives/Electronic Medical Record Evaluations/Vendor Relations and Contracting/Patient and Provider Connectivity Portals /Telemedicine Connectivity/ Local, State and Governmental Regulatory Compliance and Oversight/Health Center Policy and Procedures/Clinical Pathways for Diseases/ Clinical Research/Physician Health Coaching and Medical Staffing Development.