Live Healthy Live Well


Live Healthy Live Well

RealHealth Innovations™ is The Health Creation Company founded by a PhD scientist and a Harvard MD with a passion to help individuals avoid, or reverse, some of the most serious and costly diseases facing our society.

For the most part, doctors in today’s healthcare system only work with you after you are already sick, and many times, the medications you are prescribed only treat your symptoms, not the root cause of what is making you unwell. With this model of treatment, it is easy to get locked into taking these drugs for extended periods of time, and sometimes for life.

At RealHealth Innovations™, we take a different approach – one that is proactive, rather than reactive. Our team, comprised of some of the best clinicians from top medical schools including Harvard, Yale and MIT, will work with you and your existing medical professionals to proactively identify and treat the root cause of any current chronic disease, as well as, help prevent you from getting chronically sick in the future.

Do you suffer from chronic pain, stomach problems, trouble sleeping, weight control, mood Issues, memory problems, and/or fatigue? Our advanced diagnostics and health action plans often help people with these chronic conditions return to good health. 

At RealHealth Innovations™ we offer advanced diagnostics to answer the question of “why” rather than just treating you for “what.”

What is behind the skill of the RealHealth doctors? More complete diagnostics. We do not accept a final diagnosis of “elevated cholesterol” or “rheumatoid arthritis.” We take the time to dig deeper into why you have these symptoms – and get to the root cause. So, how do you know if you are treating your symptoms or the root cause of your illness? Often times, if you need to take a medication for an extended period of time, you are treating only the symptoms. Consider these examples:

By proactively identifying the root cause of your symptoms, and treating them, RealHealth Innovations™ can help you become truly healthy for life.

Achieve Your Health Goals

Achieve Your Health Goals


When you make the choice to start a RealHealth Innovations™ program, you not only have a team of highly educated and experienced doctors working to support your health, you also receive a RealHealth coach. Your coach’s main goal is supporting you as you work through the RealHealth program. They work with you, your RealHealth doctors, as well as, your existing physicians to create and adjust your goals helping to ensure your ultimate success in maintaining, or improving, your Chronic Disease Temperature. 

Count On Your Coach For:

Your coach has the time to focus on you and your specific needs and concerns.

Your coach is your direct connection to the RealHealth team.

Your coach helps you achieve the goals set to maintain or improve your health.

Your coach supports you through the entire program.

Your coach is up-to-date with the best health information and has a direct link in to your RealHealth doctors.

Your coach provides you with resources, specific to your plan, to help you maintain or improve your health on your own.

Your coach offers you ways to change your lifestyle and habits to avoid chronic illness.


Step 1: Complete Your RealHealth Profile
To help us quickly and simply identify your personal living risk factors for chronic disease, we have developed an online questionnaire we call our “RealHealth Living ProfileTM”. Similar to a doctor’s office intake form, we guide you through a series of scientifically developed questions to gather important details about you and your lifestyle. Often times, we are able to provide some simple, and specific ways, to drastically improve your health just by analyzing the information gathered in your RealHealth Living Profile.


Step 2: Take Your Temperature
Following the RealHealth Living Profile, we take your temperature. That’s right, your temperature. But not the temperature you are probably thinking about. We take your Chronic Disease TemperatureTM. This NEW temperature measures your current or future risk of chronic disease through a set of important biomarkers in your body. These biomarkers are obtained through a simple blood, urine or eye exam, and are then translated into a, single number, health score – your Chronic Disease Temperature.


Step 3: Take Action
Finally, we review your RealHealth Living Profile, Chronic Disease Temperature, vital signs and existing health information to create a personal action plan. Under our programs, everyone plays an important role. You, your existing healthcare providers, your family, and your RealHealth team members are tasked with actions that will lower and improve your Chronic Disease Temperature – improving your health.


Finding The Root Cause

Finding The Root Cause


4 Care Programs

At RealHealth Innovations™, our programs do not replace your existing doctors or health plan. Instead we augment what you are already doing. We provide a deeper and broader diagnosis that uniquely looks for actual root causes of any chronic diseases you are already experiencing - answering the question: “why am I sick”, not just stating what you have.

Our programs work for people across all levels of health. Depending on the information gathered from your RealHealth Living Profile™ and your Chronic Disease Temperature™, your team at RealHealth Innovations™ will implement one of our four care programs.

Prevention Care

Key Tools: RealHealth Living ProfileTM
Our Prevention Care program helps those individuals that are found to be truly well – stay well for life. This program does exactly what the name implies, it helps the patients in this program continue to make good health decisions and help avoid, or prevent, chronic disease.

Prognosis Care

Key Tools: RealHealth Living ProfileTM, Chronic Disease TemperatureTM
Our Prognosis Care program is for individuals that seem to be in good health. However, after analyzing biomarkers and other health information, the RealHealth doctors identify a chronic disease, or a high risk for a chronic disease. With this knowledge, participants in our Prognosis Care program are often able to take action before they even encounter symptoms.

In essence, this is a very early disease detection program. By having your “hidden” chronic disesase found in its early stages, your RealHealth team can work with you to achieve good health faster than if your hidden condition continued to develop undetected, or reached the point of impacting your wellbeing.

Correction Care

Key Tools: RealHealth Living ProfileTM, Chronic Disease TemperatureTM, Advanced Cause Diagnostics
Our Correction Care program is designed specifically to help restore the health of those who often feel sick and are on medications. These participants come to RealHealth with a medically-diagnosed condition. Many times they have been told what they have, but not why they have it. For example, a patient diagnosed with high blood pressure is informed that they have hypertension; however, most of the time they are not given a reason as to what is causing the hypertension. Our goal with the Correction Care program is to perform further diagnostic testing to identify and treat the root cause of their disease.

Many times, patients in this unique program are able to decrease or stop taking their long-term medications, since we stop treating the symptoms and start treating the root cause.

Crucial Care

Key Tools: RealHealth Living ProfileTM, Chronic Disease TemperatureTM, Advanced Cause Diagnostics
Our Crucial Care program is designed to help very ill patients get well. These patients have at least one diagnosed chronic disease and generally have a very poor quality of health. Many times, they must see their existing doctors frequently, take many medications and some may have required surgeries as well.

Fortunately, only a small fraction of individuals typically need our Crucial Care program. The patients in this program can expect to start with our standard diagnostic tests; however, they will work closely with a RealHealth doctor who will perform further testing to identify the root causes of their illness(s).

Our Crucial Care patients require significant attention from our RealHealth™ doctors to identify root causes and monitor progress. Once true root causes are identified, RealHealth Innovations™ creates a detailed medical summary on the patient, then meets with the patient, and the existing medical provider team, to determine the right treatment plan for the individual. Patients may need a year or more to truly recover from severe chronic disease.

Our Proprietary Technology

Our Proprietary Technology

Our Proprietary Technology



Chronic Disease Temperature™

A Patented measurement of a patient’s blood markers to accurately predict risk of Chronic Disease.
98.6 = Low Risk – 105.6 Extreme Risk
(This measure provides insights into Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Digestive, Musculoskeletal, Pain, Addiction, and Brain Diseases.)

Living Profile™

A scientifically designed electronic profile to accurately measure current root cause health risk in a patient.
A = Some Risk, B = Low Risk, C = Moderate Risk, D = High Risk, F = Extreme Risk

Window to Health™

A non-invasive NIH proven way to screen for stealth yet active disease. The method is low cost, accurate, predictive and non-invasive. Diagnostic/Predictive for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart & Brain diseases.

Health Creation Care Plan™

A step-by-step plan to resolve the Root Cause of the patient’s health problems and create true health.
Our Bioinformatics-based intelligent software uses our proprietary indicators from the Chronic Disease Temperature™ and Living Profile™ to create an individually designed Health Creation Care Plan™ for each patient to prevent and reverse disease.

Health Creation Engine™

A bioinformatics-based Intelligent Software Applications designed to collect population health
information through the Living Profile™, Chronic Disease Temperature™ and create a Health Creation Care Plan™ to recommend actions for patient, coach and provider.