Delivering Real Healthcare


Delivering Real Healthcare

Delivering Real Healthcare Savings Through Health Creation.

We address the 70% of your healthcare costs that are typically ignored


Guiding Companies to More Affordable Healthcare Costs

With healthcare costs continuing to far exceed general economic inflation – conservatively at 6.5% annual growth rate1 – organizations who self-fund their medical plan migrate from a “cost containment” posture, to a program that provides plan participants with a true health creation model – the benefits of which are healthier, higher functioning employees and significantly lower corporate healthcare costs.

As The Health Creation Company, RealHealth Innovations™ provides the tools to sustainably control and lower claims costs. The process starts through comprehensive population risk and health stratification by way of:

  • Sophisticated claims analysis
  • Risk stratification using our MIT and Harvard team developed RealHealth Living ProfileTM
  • Health stratification by assessing biomarkers in a new way. This technology, we call your “Chronic Disease TemperatureTM,” was developed by former Harvard, and MIT doctors and scientists

RealHealth Innovations™ uses these tools to develop and implement individualized care plans that promote good health by educating our participants on good health and then treating, or avoiding some of the most serious and costly diseases facing our society. Just like in your business, this is an iterative process focused on continuous improvement of the health of each individual, thus your entire population. With this process in place, we project that your organization will realize a 5% year-over-year reduction in annual healthcare costs when working with the RealHealth Innovations™ team. 

Many companies spend as much as 4% of their gross earnings on employee and dependent healthcare. The most recent profit margin data indicates a value of 7.5% across 212 industries. Therefore, companies are spending over 50% of their profits on healthcare.

Making Every Dollar Count

Making Every Dollar Count

On average, 70% of an organization’s healthcare costs come from 10% of its plan participant population

Our research indicates that in most companies funding their own medical plan, over 40% of annual healthcare costs are related to a mere 2% of plan participants. And these people, on average, cost more than $100,000 annually. Furthermore, another 30% is accrued by 8% of plan participants costing $20,000, on average, each year.

RealHealth Innovations™ reduces your organization’s healthcare costs by helping your participants achieve the best health and quality of life possible. Instead of a reactive approach, we proactively work with your participants to help them: 

  • Avoid chronic disease.
  • Stabilize current chronic conditions
  • Prevent acceleration into higher risk categories
    (often associated with higher medical claims costs)

We identify the real root causes of the diseases from which your highest claims plan participants are suffering, and then implement a treatment plan to make them well - many times eliminating the dependence on any long-term medications. 

1 Adrion ER, Ryan AM, Seltzer AC, Chen LM, Ayanian JZ, Nallamothu BK. Out-of-Pocket Spending for Hospitalizations Among Nonelderly Adults. JAMA Intern Med. 2016;176(9):1325-1332. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2016.3663

Establishing The Culture of Health

Establishing The Culture of Health

RealHealth Innovations™ team of board-certified physicians, scientists, medical thought leaders, and behavioral experts will help you establish a culture of health by leveraging our knowledge, tools and technology to assess, identify, and address your workforce population’s health risk factors.

Prevention Care

Our Prevention Care program assists those individuals who are found to be truly well – stay well for life. This program does exactly what the name implies, it empowers the truly well to continue to make good health decisions in order to avoid, or prevent, chronic disease.

Prognosis Care

With the help of our RealHealth doctors, our Prognosis Care program enables patients with previously undiagnosed chronic diseases or high-risk factors for a chronic diseases to take action to restore their health before they even encounter symptoms.

Correction Care

Our Correction Care program specifically helps restore the health of those who often feel sick and are on medications. Under this program, our RealHealth doctors perform further diagnostic testing to identify and treat the root cause of the patient’s disease, get them off medications, and return them to sustainably good health.

Crucial Care

For individuals who have been diagnosed with one or more chronic conditions and are in very poor health, our Crucial Care program delivers advanced diagnostics to identify and treat the root cause of the chronic conditions these individuals endure. RealHealth doctors are experts at helping the sickest population get well.


Our Proprietary Technology

Our Proprietary Technology

Our Proprietary Technology



Living Profile™

A scientifically designed electronic profile to accurately measure current root cause health risk in a patient.
A = Some Risk, B = Low Risk, C = Moderate Risk, D = High Risk, F = Extreme Risk

Chronic Disease Temperature™

A Patented measurement of a patient’s blood markers to accurately predict risk of Chronic Disease.
98.6 = Low Risk – 105.6 Extreme Risk
(This measure provides insights into Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Digestive, Musculoskeletal, Pain, Addiction, and Brain Diseases.)

Window to Health™

A non-invasive NIH proven way to screen for stealth yet active disease. The method is low cost, accurate, predictive and non-invasive. Diagnostic/Predictive for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart & Brain diseases.

Health Creation Care Plan™

A step-by-step plan to resolve the Root Cause of the patient’s health problems and create true health.
Our Bioinformatics-based intelligent software uses our proprietary indicators from the Chronic Disease Temperature™ and Living Profile™ to create an individually designed Health Creation Care Plan™ for each patient to prevent and reverse disease.

Health Creation Engine™

A bioinformatics-based Intelligent Software Applications designed to collect population health
information through the Living Profile™, Chronic Disease Temperature™ and create a Health Creation Care Plan™ to recommend actions for patient, coach and provider.

Reducing Your Healthcare Costs

Reducing Your Healthcare Costs

The Path to Reducing Your Organization’s Healthcare Costs
When you make the decision to work with RealHealth Innovations™, you can expect to have participants on- boarded and starting their personalized healthcare program within five to twelve months. We have refined our process to five phases - allowing us to expedite healthcare cost savings to your organization without reducing quality care to your valued employees.


Incorporating RealHealth Innovations'™ unique care management program into your benefits plan provides your organization with the opportunity to increase the overall health of your plan participants while lowering your healthcare costs, reducing time lost due to illness, and improving employee engagement and function on the job.

Our program offers a flexible investment structure designed to fit your individual organization’s needs and budget. Additionally, our team of highly trained professionals makes implementation and administration simple by offering complementary onsite assessments, claims reviews, implementation roadmapping and engagement scoping services.

Chronic disease care consumes over three-quarters of many self-insured organization’s healthcare budgets. As your organization continues to face rising healthcare costs, take a look at RealHealth Innovations™. We have the tools to predict, identify, and deduce root-causes for these chronic diseases. And, as our experience with these conditions at our clinics proves, they are largely preventable and reversible.

Producing the right environment for health creation takes time. Utilizing our proprietary diagnostic tools and experienced clinicians, RealHealth Innovations™ can help your organization realize up to 5% cost saving per year, translating into a savings of 54% at year five.

Take a step towards improving the health of your plan participants living with chronic disease, while optimizing and preventing illness in those individuals in good health. Incorporate the RealHealth Innovations™ program into your plan today!